P13 Supporting SLAA the 60/40 way


The 7th Tradition
Every SLAA Group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.
In financial matters, Tradition Seven states that Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous is self-supporting at all levels. What this means is that neither the Group, the Intergroup, nor FWS accepts outside contributions.

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In keeping with our 7th tradition, SLAA is self-supporting at all levels.

This pamphlet offers a way of supporting SLAA at the local, intergroup and worldwide level.

To help support S.L.A.A.’s essential services…
We suggest the 60/40 contribution plan to Groups.

Here’s How:
After a Group’s regular expenses are met (rent, literature, FWS delegate travel fund, and prudent reserve funds), remaining amounts may be distributed as follows or whatever suits local needs:

60% to Local Intergroup
Provides services which may include:

  • Maintaining telephone service for 12 Step calls and inquiries;
  • Distributing literature and meeting information to newcomers;
  • Arranging special events;
  • Publishing newsletters and local meeting lists;
  • Facilitating SLAA literature sales;
  • Coordinating group activities;
  • Responding to local public information requests.

40% to Fellowship-Wide Services
Provides services which may include:

  • Maintaining the FWS Office;
  • Supporting Group and Intergroup directories;
  • Providing assistance and starter kits to new Groups and Intergroups;
  • Publishing SLAA literature, the FWS Newsletter and the Journal;
  • Producing and shipping nearly one hundred thousand pieces of SLAA literature a year;
  • Sponsoring the Annual Business Conference/ Meeting;
  • Helping lone members and those in institutions;
  • Carrying the SLAA message through public information and cooperation with professionals.

How You Can Contribute to FWS

  • Regular Contribution. The Group sends a contribution every month, two months, quarterly, or whatever the Group conscience decides.
  • Anniversary Contribution. Members celebrate their SLAA anniversary by giving one dollar (or the denomination of their choice) for every year in the program.
  • Individual Contributions may be sent directly to the FWS Office. Limit: US $20,000 per year per member. Your group may be credited, if you so request.
  • Bequests in Wills. Have you considered a bequest to the Augustine Fellowship? SLAA members may bequeath a maximum of US $20,000.
  • Special Contributions. Money raised at conventions, marathons, and other special events, sent by Group/ Intergroup.
  • Prudent Reserve Fund. A fund to guarantee that the Fellowship is here today and tomorrow. Contributions to the fund are not currently limited in amount, but the fund cannot exceed the annual operating budget of the Fellowship.

The 6th Tradition
A SLAA Group or SLAA as a whole ought never to endorse, finance, or lend the SLAA name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property, or prestige divert us from our primary purpose.
In accordance with Tradition Six, SLAA at all levels makes no contributions to any outside organisation or cause — no matter how worthy.