J09 Member Retention Focus Booklet


Member Retention Focus Booklet (60pp)

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Table of Contents

  • Sex And Love Addicts Anonymous Preamble
  • The Twelve Steps
  • Question of the Day

Member Retention

  • Becoming a “Long-Timer”
  • Not Ready Yet
  • For As Many Reasons As There Are Stars in the Sky
  • They Need to Hit Rock Bottom
  • Painful Withdrawal Can Lead to a New Life
  • Keep Coming Back: Welcoming Newcomers
  • Why I Keep Coming Back
  • Back to Basics
  • Hard Questions to Answer
  • Looking Back
  • Tools for 38 Years of Sobriety
  • My Evolution With Prayer
  • Why I Stay
  • Keep Coming Back: Spiritual Recovery Tools
  • Triggered in a Meeting?
  • Taking Responsibility for My Sobriety
  • Prayer and Temptation
  • Actions For Safety In Meetings
  • Triggered by Attractive SLAA Members
  • Climbing Out of the Pit of Desperation

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