Anorexia Group Starter Kit

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  • Only available to new Anorexia groups/meetings as a start-up bonus.
  • Congratulations on your new meeting!
  • Please remember to register your group with the Australian Intergroup.

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Only available to new groups as a start-up bonus. This is part of the Australian Intergroup support for new meetings. Write the name of the meeting in the Order Notes section.

4 documents (included as a digital download):

  • Anonymity, the Law, and SLAA
  • Signs of Recovery for Anorexics*
  • Social, Sexual, and Emotional Anorexia Discussion Questions*
  • 3 Sample Anorexia Meeting Formats
    * Indicates a document that is not Conference-Approved

5 Pamphlets ($10 value):

  • P02 40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis
  • P04 Questions Beginners Ask
  • P03 Suggestions for Newcomers
  • P07 Anorexia: Sexual, Social, Emotional
  • P18 Romantic Obsession

5 Booklets ($48 value)

  • BK2 Anorexia 1-2-3
  • BK5 Anorexia 4-5-6-7
  • BK4 Anorexia Recovery Tools
  • J01 Anorexia Focus Booklet (1991-2001)
  • J05 Anorexia Focus Booklet (1999-2016)

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