BK3 A Guide to the Steps: Companion to Basic Text Chapter 4


A Guide to the Steps: Companion to Chapter Four of the Basic Text

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From the Introduction

The initial draft of this short workbook was created for use in a step-study workshop that covered the Twelve Steps of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. The workshop was run by a local intergroup where there was a shortage of long-time S.L.A.A. members ready to sponsor and was intended to introduce workshop participants to the Twelve Steps as presented in Chapter Four of our Basic Text.
Because the authors’ intent was not to impose their personal understandings of the Twelve Steps, these questions are drawn as closely as possible from the experience, strength and hope directly expressed in Chapter Four of the Basic Text: The Twelve Step Program: A Path to Sexual and Emotional Sobriety. You’ll need to have a copy of the Basic Text in front of you to answer these questions. This set of exercises came out of a belief that our Basic Text is the foundation of successful recovery from sex and love addiction and that Chapter Four is the cornerstone of our program.
Our Basic Text may sometimes use unfamiliar words, phrases and expressions. Also, it is sometimes helpful to be reminded of the definitions of some key terms. So a Glossary is included in the Appendix that gives definitions for many important or unusual words. Any words which are defined in the Glossary are printed in bold.
There is no one way to work the Steps and this booklet is not presented as an exhaustive or authoritative set of Step exercises. Each sex and love addict is free to work the Steps in a way which is best for him or her, preferably in consultation with an experienced sponsor.

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