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Current Prices (Oct 2023):

  • SLAA Basic Text $25 (Add a $3 Basic Text bookmark for free)
  • Step Questions Workbook $20
  • A State of Grace daily meditations $23.50
  • NEW Banners $50
  • Brochures $2
  • Booklets $8
  • Focus Booklets $12
  • Bronze Medallions $10
  • Plastic Chips $2.50
  • Newcomers Pack $10
  • Free-to-download brochures $1


Banners – New and old




About the Australian SLAA Intergroup

Thankyou for considering a donation to the Australian SLAA Intergroup.

Intergroup is where representatives from Australian in-person and virtual groups come together to act as a service centre for meetings and assist in carrying the SLAA message.

Services currently provided by the SLAA Australian Intergroup include: